This can be seen from the actions of Military and Indonesian Police Forces which have evacuated the indigenous Papuans from Banti, Kembeli, Waa and surrounding areas by force through intimidation and excessive terror.

The act of the Indonesian Military and Police Force is a crime against humanity, which actually violates the human rights of indigenous Papuans.

Indonesian Military and Police Forces have pursued International Law, with their actions of which has forced indigenous Papuans in Banti, and beyond.

Indonesian military and police forces have also violated human rights of indigenous Papuans as internationally legalized, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People adopted on September 13th 2007.

We convey to the people of the world that the loyalty of the indigenous people is guaranteed by the UN declaration we mentioned above.

Therefore, who you are the Papuans human rights devotees please your concern and take urgent on humanitarian action to save the indigenous Papuans from brutally acts by the Indonesian Military and Police Forces.

We also convey to the international community and the National Society that the act of forced evacuation that is full of intimidation and terror, which has been done by Indonesian Military and Police Force in Tembagapura Wst Papua on November 20th, 2017 is a military action of Indonesia.

Therefore immediately international intervention to West Papua, in order to save the indigenous Papuans people from Indonesian military terror acts.

This forced and intimidating act of forcible evacuees may see evidence of photographs and videos from the field, in this portal brought here. Video of
Forced evacuation by the Indonesian military in Tembagapura West Papua, please click here

We received reports from Tembagapura directly that Indigenous Papuans in Banti and surrounding areas admitted that they were frightened, because the Indonesian Military and Indonesian Police threatened them and forced them to leave their villages.

The Indonesian Military and Police action is very barbaric, therefore all parties must be talk about the situation and take immediate action to take humanitarian action.


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