MUTOPAI WEST PAPUA: the west papuans message at united nations general assembly

Screenshot_2017-08-19-20-27-08The definition of prosperity to the people of West Papua is, how could we, West Papua live without colonialism of Indonesia and capitalism of America, UK and Europe  in our land, West Papua. It means Living without thieves stealing our natural resources.  There is no prosperity for the people of West Papua under Indonesian occupation.

The definition of  prosperity by ambassador of Indonesia for New Zealand, Tantowi Yahya  is what the Indonesian government wants to the people of West Papua, not what we want.
Our true prosperity is living without colonialism of  Indonesian and capitalism of America, UK, Europe and other countries.
Our true and genuine prosperity is when we get independence from colonial country of Indonesia.

Our right to referendum is UN charter, we are not making it up.  That’s what we are demanding to Indonesian government if they can’t let West Papua be independent as other nation. However, Indonesian insist on making West Papua under their occupation, the people of West Papua will not stop fighting to our last blood.

Rights to choice of self Determination:  West Papua had a right to self determination in 1969 but it was violated by military of Indonesia. Since then, our people had been killed, kidnapped, tortured, and psychological trauma until today.

Therefore, what we are demanding now is another chance, Right to Self Determination. We want it happen under United Nation Charter, Not like Indonesia way of Self Determination that intimidated people and won the vote.

We don’t want the same thing happen again because we don’t believe that the “act of free choice in 1969”was democratic because it was under pressure of at gun point. It was fraught. The Indonesian says “act of free choice” but we say “act of no choice”.

We are offering a democratic solution, which is right to self determination because we believe that Indonesia is a democratic country. However, we don’t want none of any Indonesian intervene the process of self determination.
If we want to gain independence revolutionary way, we don’t have equipment to fight with Indonesia. So Self Determination the best democratic solution for the people of West Papua.

Rights to media access: We can’t trust Indonesia anymore because in several International meetings, they address about west Papua. They want to let foreign journalists in but the reality is none. The people of West Papua never believe what the government of Indonesia. Even the national journalists couldn’t allow them to go to Papua report what happening in Wet Papua.


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